So, I went to  the Noe Valley Association meeting the other night, Super-nice group of folks. They did a great job of keeping the tech buses off Dolores, and rightly so, but we’d really appreciate your supporting us a block down. The tech invaders have passed the buck to us, and we’re suffering. We’d really appreciate your support for all Noe! Thanks!




Sheehy was there, and his opponent, who kept saying how much they agree, and yea–they’re pretty much the same I guess. Anyways, neither had the guts to stand up against the fact we can’t breathe, although they’d heard how unlivable it is here. They all pass the buck, saying their hands are tied by the State…but the SFMTA makes many of these decisions, so it’s an endless loop, designed to keep you tied-up and bamboozled, so you can’t get anything done. Very impressive. Thanks tons.

Sheehy’s Jerk-offer kept interrupting me as I was trying to speak with Sheehy, “You never come out of our office to talk to me,” I tell him.

“Why are you talking over me?” I ask the JO. “I’m not raising my voice, or using profanity. Why are you interrupting me? It’s my first chance to speak the Sheehy. Sheehy, will you speak with me?

“OK,” he replies…

Blah blah …

“Another impasse,” I tell Sheehy.

“I ‘wish we had more power,” he tells me.

“I too, Sir…I, too.”