Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame




Welcome to the Wall of Shame, where those who have acted…errmmm let’s say awkwardly…or aggressively…or without social conscience…or completely lacking in dignity, empathy, understanding, compassion, respect…well, you know who you are…
This page pays homage to you, and to all you’ve added to further ignorance, heighten animosity, and widen the divide. if there was ever a chance to come together, you have ruined it with your arrogance, greed, and aggression.

Let it be clear that it is these tyrants that usurp our neighborhoods, then have the gall to act like we are out-of-line by trying to recoup our right to sleep and breathe in our own homes! We didn’t consent to giving up our right to live peacefully for your corporate gain!


This is a blog; all content is that of opinion. For entertainment purposes only.


Hear all about the:

1. Each time, a new low.
Rambling tirade that reeks of racism, degradation, and intolerance.
Numerous other offenses and aggressions: a truly disgusting showing.



1) https://youtu.be/e3fbpt4d1OE

Rambling tirade that reeks of racism, degradation, and intolerance.

“Are you brown–are you from this area?” states tech worker aggressively in San Francisco. “You don’t even look like you live here with your broke-ass shit on you!”


2) https://youtu.be/1BJMpsg-eg8

I believe tech worker commits battery: CA Penal Code 242, striking me and my camera!

The behavior of these tech workers, who have invaded and destroyed our beautiful San Francisco, has reached a new low, exhibiting an aggression sadly indicative of the times. Their disgusting insults and lack of consideration and dignity, as they clog our front yards and make life unlivable for locals, echo through the country as “justified intolerance and lack of kindness” by billion dollar corporations with a truly socially ignorant workforce.

Where are their string-pullers? The corporations they sell their souls to…they have no dignity to sit down peacefully and discuss the situation. They don’t reprimand these people who are an aggressive, confrontative embarrassment to them and themselves. As is the climate, such indignity seems to be encouraged and touted.

I was threatened at least a half-dozen times this day, was the victim of battery, and was the target of many other offenses, though I conduct myself with complete dignity and respect, and respect for and adherence to the law: I do not use profanity; I do not confront people physically, focusing on avoiding physical confrontation; I stay on public property (the sidewalk in front of OUR homes!); and I remain calm in an environment that is so disrespectful of individual thought as to be a clear and decisive warning regarding how corporations and their group-think mentality encourage this type of oppression of free expression and dissenting opinion, both in their corporate structures, and their employees.



2. Outrageous aggressive conduct by so very many techies on Oct. 4th! Disgusting! Check them out here:

Documentary Filming and Press Day!


1) Person stating she is an “attorney”: I feel she attempts to manipulate the law to intimidate and quell reporting and free expression, but fails miserably: https://youtu.be/sE0422Kignk

2) I feel this techie in blue was aggressive and confrontational, in what I interpret as a clear attempt to intimidate and quell reporting and free expression at the tech bus coverage and protest https://youtu.be/vLD5J2DOBN8

3) This techie physically blocked me, butting into me, and using his backpack to block my ability to photograph and report. Another revolting attempt to physically quell reporting and free press! Stop corporate aggression! https://youtu.be/eXx8X6J2_Ik

4) I feel this guy was aggressive and uncivil toward me, and as they all do, tried to convince me I have no rights or civil liberties in this regard….errmmmm WRONG!!! HELLO!!! Welcome to the real (non-cyber) world! He then called someone to report something…who knows, and who cares. I feel he seemed so smug and proud, again as so many do, yet hid his face when brought to light. Here’s his bus: https://youtu.be/amwe27QKhEk


3. These two idiots jump right to number one! Well, now they’re number two, now three… because there are so very many ill-mannered reptiles waiting for their rides out there!

While peacefully protesting on public property (the sidewalk), this man pictured intentionally bumped into me, stating, “No one gives a shit,” as he did so. When I told him that if he touched me again I’d call the police, he said, “Go ahead!” When I told him I would, and began taking my phone out he said, “If you take my picture, I’m going to break that phone over your fucking head!” to which the woman next to him concurred, “I will too!”

Gratefully, this is on video, and photos, and fellow peaceful protester Mr. P heard the entire conversation and will bear witness. Many riders heard it, too. Of course, when he knew he was being filmed, he backed off like a pathetic maggot, but it was all documented and witnessed.Â

When the woman boarded the bus, she shoved my hand that was holding my phone away. This was also witnessed.

So, I’ve filed a police report again these two. I just finished speaking with officers, who were very respectful, and viewed his picture on my phone. We’ll try to get more information, and I’ll try to have them arrested.

4) Dipshit guy who remarked, “can’t think either,” when I chanted, “Can’t sleep, can’t breathe!”

This was great! I totally called him out on it—telling all lined up about the shame of his comment, and how this does nothing for your standing in the community. For all his exemplary glibness, he looked kinda’ dumbfounded. Dumb dumb mean man—have a nice day!

I saw him again several times, and on November 8th, he stated to me he’s not embarrassed by his conduct, which I told him was quite revealing, indeed.

5) Nasty, aggressive person,

who divisively tried to force a wedge between my dear friend and I (cuz she’s more patient than I), yelling, “We’re DOWNTOWN in a city—you should expect traffic!!!” What an obnoxious, dogmatic idiot. Glad you know the city so well to not realize we’re NOT in downtown, dumbass! “Expect traffic,”? You’ve got to be fucking joking—this has gone beyond all reasonableness. YOU are NOT our fucking priority!!! Get that through your headphone-encapsulated fucking heads!

6) A-hole presumptuous, entitled douche

who tells my very kind friend, “I wouldn’t raise children in THIS neighborhood,” when she expresses her concern over the health of the children in the neighborhood: Noe Valley. Oh well, by all means—get the fuck out of here!

7) Mysterious, slippery ewwwwy guy in the red straight jacket,

who films us continually (fine—we don’t hide like cowards like they do). I film him, too. He also won’t identify himself, and scarily talks to the police in length several times (officer is in silver civilian vehicle), He then gets on one of the buses, so he too is a pawn for one of these corporations—we think Apple or Google. We feel his conduct weird, pathetic, low, sneaky, and without the pride. Gravitates toward dumpsters, using them as a camera support of a phone. You’d think they could get a better filmmaker, but then, it’s all about profit.


THREE CORPORATE GOONS: They can’t send one decent representative to view the situation fairly, and sit down with us for coffee to peacefully discuss the matter, but they can allot a total of five SFPD officers throughout the morning, and three corporate goons.

So. three corporate security goons (perhaps Apple, Google…wouldn’t ID themselves) attempted to intimidate a peaceful protest! Quite unnerving to see them interacting frequently and closely with the police. The SFPD were wonderfully respectful, but, kinda’ scary they have a close relationship with private corporate security. Errr…separation of corporation and City?!

When asked if they were “with the protest?” They merely said, “No—we’re just hanging out…” lol Pathetic. See them scurry when a camera is pulled out (though we didn’t mind any of their many recording sources), claiming, “No–don’t take my picture—I’m not involved in this!” Huh? You’re running lowlife security for corporate oppressors–you ARE it!

And get this: as I’m walking down the sidewalk, the big guy with the hat bumps into me and my sign in a highshool-type shoulder bump maneuver! No kidding! He’s like eight times my size, we’re picketing peacefully with folks up to their mid-70’s, and the corporate goons are trying to muscle us! DISGUSTING!

Rather than take the bait, I approached the office who was parked in his private-looking vehicle and told him what happened, and that this guy was hovering over us with his arms crossed trying to bully and stifle a peaceful protest. He said he’d, “Talk to him,” at which point one left, and the two others went to the other corner.

They can’t send one decent representative to view the situation fairly, and sit down with us for coffee to peacefully discuss the matter, but they can allot a total of five SFPD officers throughout the morning (respectful which we appreciate greatly, but a waste of taxpayers’ moneyed their time), and three corporate goons. Great way to be welcomed by your neighbors! Really smart thinkin’ there….absolute corporate genius! A raise for that one! No wonder relations are horrible.

9) AGGRESSIVE WOMAN WHO SNAPPED AT ME UPON ENTERING HER BUS, “There are better things you can do with your time.”

A) What is it with you techies that you hold onto one snub you think is sharp, then throw it at us as you enter your cattle car? You’re a corporate pawn, being shuttled away as a sheep–surely YOU must have better things you can be doing with your life than supporting the corporate machine! I feel sad for you.

B) Yes–there ARE things I’d love to be doing, if your presence didn’t prevent it, like:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Breathing
  3. Creating: I’m a REAL artist, and I can’t concentrate because of YOU! And I’m one of the few left THANKS to you!
  4. Living peacefully in my hometown!

However, since you made these things impossible , I disagree completely! There is in fact NO other better use of my time than to stand up for what iI believe in int he fact of unmitigated corporate greed, and lack of consideration and understanding from you and your kind.

Who knows–maybe someday you’ll stand up for something independently–something you believe in–something you cannot tolerate, as a free force in this world….errrr, well probably not.




…and much more to come!




This guy threatened me: “If you take my picture, I’m going to break that phone over your fucking head!” to which the woman next to him concurred, “I will too!”

Birds of a feather… Corporate filmer in red jacket leans on dumpster, and trash leans on him. Again, the corporations can’t send one decent, level-headed individual to greet us calmly and discuss matters, but they can send this guy to sneakily hover around all day. Hey–can’t they even get you a decent camera!? that looks like the crap you company makes! Guess it would have hurt profits. Watcha’ doin’ talkin’ to the police incessantly? It REALLY makes me uncomfortable that this corporate pawn is interacting buddy-buddy with the police, who are supposed to be public/neutral. The SFPD was otherwise very respectful, I must say, which we appreciate. This guy hops on one of the buses. Really a pathetic showing on his company’s part. We would have been MUCH more impressed if they had sent a respectful, open, honest mediator to have coffee!

Corporate filmer in red jacket. Again, the corporations can’t send one decent, level-headed individual to meet us calmly and discuss matters, but they can send this sneaky guy to hover around filming all day. Hey—can’t they even get you a decent camera?! Pathetic, man. Ours is MUCH better, with top-notch Filmmakers at the helm. Watcha’ doin’ talkin’ to the police incessantly (in silver car)? Weird. Hops on one of the buses.     Ewwwww…very awkward…something smells….

SFPD Officer (respectful—thanks!), in silver (personal/unmarked?) car, LIC: 4ZFD301, talking often and in length to corporate goon in big hat and corporate pawn filmer in red jacket. Uncomfortable togetherness!

SFPD Officer (respectful—thanks!), in silver (personal/unmarked?) car, talking often and in length to corporate filmer in red jacket. Uncomfortable togetherness! It should make us ALL nervous that corporations wantonly exhibit just how much they’re in bed with our supposedly PUBLIC services.

Corporate goons scurry when I photograph them on public property–ironic–their bosses and pawns filmed us all day! “We’re just hanging around…” clever, indeed. Bullies. The police (very nice) told them to back off when I requested it, after the guy in the hat bumped into me, and tried to intimidate our peaceful group. Couldn’t have been a more lowly showing on the corporations’ part. Disgusting.

3 CORPORATE GOONS (1 not pictured): They can’t send one decent representative to view the situation fairly, and sit down with us for coffee to peacefully discuss the matter, but they can allot a total of five SFPD officers throughout the morning, and three corporate goons. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR COMMUNITY OUTREACH, GOOGLE AND APPLE! VERY IMPRESSIVE SHOWING! YOU MUST BE VERY PROUD, AND YOUR EMPLOYEES VERY PROUD OF YOU.


These people inconsiderately and arrogantly drive through private property, idling under our windows and slamming doors while we’re sleeping. When I asked him nicely to discontinue the practice, he naturally argued the point. Not one iota of respect shown. We’re hoping we can get an officer to write tickets, since those of you who do this simply have to respect for those around you.