We’ll be posting more shortly regarding today’s protest. For now, we wish to:

Give a big shout-out to the SFPD, who have been extremely fair, responsive, respectful, and supportive of us and our rights as citizens. A big thank you to these Officers and the Department!

Another nice shout-out to the NICE people we met today. Just when we’re on the brink of giving up on y’all, you come to us with compassion, understanding, and fairness… throwin’ me for a loop! šŸ˜‰ OneĀ rider confided to me, “You’re absolutely right.”


For now, let’s just say you’ve ruined San Francisco and leave it at that. You all seem to think this place is your playground, and you have no respect for our neighborhoods, or those around you. You live in your headphones worlds, evicting all who can’t afford to live here thanks to you, ruining the depth and diversity of our city, just so you can suck the corporate tit.

Shame on all you assholes.