Broken Heart

– San Francisco –

How (tech) corporations broke the heart of San Francisco,
destroying one of the world’s great cities.

042618 Protest–some nice surprises

We'll be posting more shortly regarding today's protest. For now, we wish to: Give a big shout-out to the SFPD, who have been extremely fair, responsive, respectful, and supportive of us and our rights as citizens. A big thank you to these Officers and the Department!...

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poor lost souls lined up like zombies in our streets

It’s a really a sad state of affairs: people lined up in the streets like zombies, invading our neighborhoods, displaced...displaying their addictions for all to see. You've seen them huddled on your sidewalks and in your doorways--you try to walk by and pretend...

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So many bucks…plenty to pass

So, I went to  the Noe Valley Association meeting the other night, Super-nice group of folks. They did a great job of keeping the tech buses off Dolores, and rightly so, but we'd really appreciate your supporting us a block down. The tech invaders have passed the buck...

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No more free ride! PROTEST 2 021218

WE'VE HAD ENOUGH!   Another strong showing by the people of San know...the ones who are TRULY invested in it!   No heads-up for the companies this time, so they weren't able to reroute. Result: Free Re-education! Your companies have brainwashed and...

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William Pietri article

Here's a very interesting article posted in Quora by William Pietri--all rights reserved. Great to see some understanding from the otherwise isolated tech conquerors--we appreciate his communicating well the issues at hand....

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