Pure luxury for you, pure misery for us.

Cry goes up: “Another empty bus!”

Cry goes up: “Yet ANOTHER empty bus!”

Talking sense rather than dollars.

Signs of the times!

Hey entitled jerk-off…can you take my laundry in too? (Can you believe it: these pampered workers have their laundry done at work for free?! Pathetic!) I do it myself; I don’t like corporations wiping my ass, so they can get more time and blood out of me. WAKE UP AND GROW UP!

Saying “enough”

HEY ASSHOLES! Stop using private property as a passenger drop-off, you presumptuous jackasses! We’re trying to sleep and breathe…oh, and live here!

Signs of the times!



Another strong showing by the people of San Francisco…you know…the ones who are TRULY invested in it!


No heads-up for the companies this time, so they weren’t able to reroute.
Result: Free Re-education!
Your companies have brainwashed and coddled you. Now is your chance to know what’s really up, and why you should, indeed, feel uncomfortable invading our city.